Homeworker Workstation DSE Assessments

January 5, 2021

Homeworker Workstation DSE Assessments are vital, especially now as many more employees are working from home more than ever before. Employers must carry out their duty of care by looking after their staffs’ health and wellbeing. Every business should consider their employees as one of their most important assets, and ensuring they have suitable workstations to use when working from home is critical.

If employees are using Display Screen Equipment (DSE) as part of their everyday work for continuous periods of one hour or more then an employer must ensure their workstation is fit for purpose, even when working remotely. Employers whose staff fit into this category must carry out a workstation assessment which should take into account:

  • The entire workstation (equipment, furniture, surrounding work conditions)
  • The role that the employee is carrying out
  • Any special requirements an employee may have (e.g. disabilities)

Workstation DSE Assessments must be conducted when a new team member starts work or when an employee is brought back after furlough; when setting up a new workstation or beginning to work from home; when making changes to an existing workstation or if any employee complains of pain or discomfort.

At InSync Corporate Healthcare, we can carry out comprehensive Workstation DSE Assessments both remotely (via Skype or similar) and face-to-face (if Coronavirus restrictions allow at the time). Our highly trained staff members can assess workstations and work systems and consider any risks the current station poses to the health of employees. They will determine how this could be changed or adjusted to serve the employees better to keep them safe, healthy and well.

Our team of ergonomic specialists and occupational health nurses conduct homeworker Workstation DSE Assessments. They have the knowledge to test and then advise on how to make positive changes for the health and wellbeing of employees and will ensure employers are doing their legal duty in these aspects. They can assess both temporary and permanent home working conditions.

We may advise on many things to benefit or improve your employees’ workstations. This advice could include recommendations for break monitoring software, eye tests and glasses for DSE users, arranging desk space for maximum comfort, risk assessments, or adjusting chairs and other furniture to suit users.

By carrying out assessments and providing targeted and relevant feedback, advice and recommendations, we take the pressure off employers trying to figure out how to do this themselves or having to train their HR departments in how to do so.

Our specialists have years of experience and specialise in the relationship between work, health and performance.

The results of our Homeworkers Workstation DSE Assessments can help HR partners, business owners and managers to make the right decisions to protect the safety and wellbeing of their employees. Looking after employees by ensuring they have a safe, comfortable and productive space to work will help to improve the productivity, profitability and performance of your business too. Taking care of employees in this way will also help to create a positive workplace culture and happier employees.

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