Mental Health is Important Every Day

November 2, 2021

World Mental Health Day recognises the importance of mental health for yourself and others. This day aims to raise awareness that mental health is something people should be aware of and feel confident enough to speak about to others. It aims to ensure people have the right tools to look after themselves in this respect. It is also a day to show your support for mental health equality.  Equality for those disproportionally affected by mental health issues, including people from racialised communities, young people, and people living in poverty. At Insync we believe mental health is important every day and want to encourage support for mental health year-round.

Every year there is a different theme for World Mental Health Day, set by the World Federation for Mental Health. This year theme was ‘Mental Health in an Unequal World’.

When you’re mentally healthy you can fulfil your potential, cope with any setbacks, and have a full, enjoyable life. It doesn’t mean that you won’t ever feel stressed, anxious, or worried, as these are all perfectly normal feelings. It means that you’re able to navigate your way through these feelings without feeling weighed down by them for too long.

People who suffer from poor mental health, in contrast, can be weighed down by negative feelings for a very long time. It’s important to remember that mental health won’t stay the same throughout your life. As you experience different things or circumstances change, your mental health might too. Anyone can experience poor mental health at any time, so being aware of the warning signs both in yourself and in others around you is vital.

One of World Mental Health Day’s aims is to drop the negative stigma surrounding mental health. Normalising talking to friends, family and even colleagues about how one feels, or asking for help when struggling, is one of the best ways to help ease mental health issues.

This year MIND is encouraging you to speak out, spread the word and make change happen to ensure that everyone has the support they need.

Things You Can Do to Raise Awareness

Why not make a point of checking in with your friends, family and colleagues and ask how they’re feeling? It may be that someone is struggling with opening up, and by asking the question, you encourage them to share their feelings and emotions. Just knowing someone cares can significantly impact how someone is feeling, so it’s worth everyone taking the time to do this.

Let’s work together all the time to show people that help is there when they need it and that having mental health issues isn’t something to be uncomfortable or ashamed about.

If you or someone else you know needs help with mental health, please don’t suffer in silence. Talk to the Samaritans by calling 116 123, text the Shout Crisis Line on 85258, or talk to your GP if you don’t need urgent assistance.

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