Men’s Health Week Starts on The 13th of June

Men's Health Week

June 14, 2022

Men’s Health Week is a yearly event to raise awareness of men’s health – both physically and mentally – and is run by the Men’s Health Forum. This year’s theme is ‘Time for Your MOT’, and it aims to remind men of every age to give themselves an MOT to check their mental and physical health.

The Men’s Health Forum is a charity supporting male health in Wales, England and Scotland. Their ambition is that every man and boy – particularly those in the most disadvantaged communities – will have the information, services, and treatments needed to live healthier, longer and more fulfilling lives.

In the UK, one man in five dies before he reaches the age of 65, and men die on average 3.7 years earlier than women. Many steps can be taken to reduce these numbers so men can be healthier overall and live longer.

This year’s Men’s Mental Health Week message urges men to do the following.

  • Take notice of what’s going on in their bodies and minds
  • Get an NHS Health Check, available to most men over 40
  • Complete the Men’s Health Forum DIY Man MOT, a quick and easy health check men can do at home.


In addition, there are several things they are encouraging organisations to do to ensure the health of their male workers.

  • Scheduling Man MOT Training in workplaces
  • Appointing and training men’s health champions to empower and encourage men in workplaces to have healthy conversations about physical and mental health
  • Joining the campaign for a men’s health strategy


How Occupational Health Can Help Support Men’s Health in The Workplace

Occupational Health can help support male employees and their physical and mental health in the workplace. They can work to promote and maintain a positive relationship between employee work and health and ensure men (and women) stay well at work.

Your male employees could be facing severe health risks, and it’s a known fact that men don’t engage with healthcare in the same way that women do, as working men are around 50% less likely to visit a doctor than working women.

If you are an organisation looking for Occupational Health solutions, we are here to help. At Insync Corporate Healthcare, we understand that employees are your most important resource and that you want to protect them. By proactively looking after the health of your male employees, you’ll improve company performance, increase productivity and profitability and be meeting your legal obligations as an employer.

To find out more about how we can help support the health of your male employees this Men’s Health Week, please get in touch with our team. Phone us now on 029 2076 1550 or email enquiries@insynchealth.co.uk, and one of our team will be in touch shortly.

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