Have a Healthier New Year & Lockdown

healthier new year and lockdown

February 8, 2021

We understand that the last year has been particularly tough as many have been expected to balance more than ever. You may now be considering taking some time for yourself and making sure you are mentally and physically fit. Here are some things you can do to help have a healthier New Year and a healthier lockdown.

  1. Rethink Your Eating Habits

Next time you reach for the biscuit tin or open the crisp cupboard, ask yourself whether you are hungry or whether you’re going to be eating because you’re bored. Often, especially during lockdown, when there’s nowhere to go and little to do, people just eat out of boredom rather than due to real hunger. If you ask yourself this question and stop eating unless you’re hungry, you’ll create better habits and cut down the amount you consume.


  1. Create a Healthy Eating Plan

Planning meals in advance is an easy way to eat better. Creating a meal plan of what you’re going to eat each week and then purchasing the ingredients for these meals to ensure you have them to hand means you’ll be more likely to cook and less likely to grab a takeaway when you can’t think of what to have for dinner one evening.


  1. Take Up an Exercise Challenge

Committing to an exercise programme can be a great way to keep your motivation levels up. It might mean downloading an app such as Strava or Race at Your Pace and committing to daily or weekly challenges there, or it might mean tracking your steps daily. Another great idea can be setting up a challenge amongst your friends or family and holding each other accountable for reaching them.


  1. Set Goals

Setting goals for yourself for exercise or healthy eating can make a big difference. Challenge yourself to walk 10,000 steps, give up fizzy drinks, do yoga three times a week or something similar that feels good to you. Try not to set goals that are too lofty, or you’ll find you quickly become overwhelmed and give up. Pick things that are achievable and don’t change too much all at once.


  1. Create A Daily Routine

Creating a daily routine can be a significant help when dealing with a situation such as lockdown. Set the alarm to get up at a reasonable time, get dressed, get out for a walk, get your work done, cook healthy meals, go to bed at a reasonable time.  All of this can make a significant difference for your overall wellbeing and mental health.


Adopting healthy eating and lifestyle habits can help your physical health and your mental health and wellbeing. By living a healthy life, you’ll reduce your risk of heart conditions, improve digestion, reduce stress, depression and anxiety, reduce cancer risk and improve your overall wellbeing. Start your healthier new year today, and you’ll soon see the benefits and start looking and feeling amazing.

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