Consulting over ReportOccupational health is a specialist branch of medicine focused on health in the workplace. Occupational health specialists are trained to provide advice on work-related illnesses and accidents, fitness for work including pre-placement screening and assessing employees for fitness for work after a period of sickness absence. They also can provide health surveillance, advice on health and wellbeing, stress at work and ill health retirement.

Referral to occupational health is usually is via your line manager or Human Resources. Your employer may arrange for you to see an occupational health specialist at Insync Corporate Health directly or you may have been referred via another occupational health provider. Your manager or human resources should complete a referral form after discussing the reasons for referral with you. The usual reasons for the referral include a fitness for work medical or health screening, sickness absence, concerns that work may be affecting health or a health condition is affecting performance at work To find out more about Insync Corporate Healthcare as an occupational health provider click here.



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