Employees mixed careersOccupational Health is a specialist field dedicated to advising on all aspects of the relationship between work and health. Advice can be on a single employee, a department or the complete organisation. By providing advice on pre-placement, fitness for work for employees with a health problem, and return to work after a period of sickness absence, Insync Corporate Healthcare provides employers with the necessary knowledge to deliver a supportive work environment. Tailored advice can help maintain an employee with a health problem in work or facilitate an early return to work for employees after a period of sickness absence where appropriate and safe to do so.

Advice from occupational health professionals can help an employer understand their legal responsibilities with regard to employment of individuals with health problems including the implications under the disability provisions of the Equality Act 2010. (To find out more about the Equality Act click here.) Other occupational health services, such as health surveillance, can reduce the risk to employees when working in hazardous environments. Health surveillance is dependent on the specific risk to individuals or groups of individuals tailored to their working environment. For more information about HSE requirements regarding health surveillance click here.